6 thoughts on “[My Script] The Filioque Dialogue

  1. Thank you for posting Erick! I just recently watched your long discussion on Pints with Aquinas and it was very enriching (I confess that I’m very ignorant of the nuances of the Orthodox position and am trying to learn more so your work has been very helpful). Has your book from Emmaus Academic been published yet?

  2. Hi Erick, thanks for this. Just started reading your filioque book, and noticed foot note 24 has a typo (divine should be divide), in case you release a revised version. Enjoying it so far!

      • Absolutely. Having written many articles myself, I know how it is. Always amazing how no matter how long you spend with a manuscript, something always seems to sneak through. I, at least, seem perpetually blind to my faults.

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