2 thoughts on “Show Me Your Badge! – Tensions in Sola Scriptura and Church Discipline

  1. Dear Erick,

    As I struggle through the various issues and non-negotiables, I wonder that Church discipline would be such an issue.

    For example- with a sacramental apostolic succession, you have people who go into schism and refuse to heed leadership, AKA the Greeks and Egyptians.

    If you have Presbyterians with a succession of appointment and laying on of hands, you have the same problem.

    If you have Congregationalists who appoint a pastor and agree to submit to his rule, you have the same problem.

    So it seems there is no real way to overcome those who will disagree and insist on abusing their will. They forever exist and there fundamentally is no reasoning with them.

    Ergo- What advantage is brought to the table by an unbroken succession of hands, as opposed to an unbroken succession of baptisms, as opposed to an unbroken didactic succession, in regards to discipline? None stands out.

    • Thanks for your message!

      So these small videos are just a guiding tour of what intellectually shaped the process of my deconstruction from Protestantism. It is not necessarily meant to show the superiority of what existed in Apostolic succession and the ecclesial polity of early Christianity. You are very right to point out there problems and potential incoherences exist in contexts that have the visible church theory.

      I could only say that if we have a structure like the one that exists in Catholicism, there is a unifying link whose connection cannot be disturbed without falling prey to schism, i.e. the primordial chair of Peter (Rome). With this, there is an abiding unity , both in season and out of season from conflict.

      However, even that has the theoretical problem of a corruptible Pope. So none of these ecclesiastical systems are meant to give the idea that they are theoretically immune from a rational collapse.

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