3 thoughts on “How I Began to Question Protestantism

  1. Hi Erick!

    So I believe I mentioned it once before, but it seems from my reading of God’s dealing with Israel in Ezekiel 16, we see a type of how he deals with the soul. If that’s reasonable, then we have the entire reformed ordo salutis right there-

    1. Man exists in a state of fundamental spiritual death.
    2. Regeneration of the heart precedes the sacraments and even faith.
    3. We see that the washing with pure water is subsequent to both regeneration and faith.
    4. We see that the ornaments of Grace with which the soul is adorned ARE alien because there is God’s punishment for the soul imagining his adornments are proper to it by nature.
    5. It is on account of her belief that her gifts are proper to her by nature that she begins to act imperious and haughty and adulterous- her self-righteousness is to her a justification to go and mingle with the world and adopt their ways.

    So there is a lot there that would seem to indicate a reformed Ordo Salutis, that speaks actually to some Baptistic specifics, and a condemnation, not just of self-righteousness, but of imagining that the gifts of God have any proper origin in the sec whatsoever.

    This is a monergistic working of salvation in the soul being presented, AND, a covenant faithfulness on God’s part to this whorish soul BECAUSE of what he chose to begin in it. The passage doesn’t end with eternal punishment, but discipline and purification. Lots could be drawn out from there.

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