6 thoughts on “NEW BOOK! The Filioque

  1. Hello,
    I’ve new to your wonderful talks relating to these controversies. Love them ! When will your book on the Filioque be coming out ?

  2. Hi, Eric!

    As a fresh catholic/ex-luitehran and a big fan. I watch almost everything of you onn YouTube. Very fascinating stuff you are interested in and i am a theology geek myself and have a masters degree in it.

    That being said. I find it very sad to see that you dont offer your books as kindle ebooks. Why is that, by the way?

    its certainly sad for me, because i can’t afford the cost of ordering a “normal” book and the extra cost as well with shipping and ciustoms to Norway, since im on welfare with high health related costs.

    SO i hope you can be convinced to do that for the books you will write from now on, so geeks like me with not a lot of money – and many people are of course even worse of, can get the opportunity to get a copy!

    God bless you and your work!

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