Jerome and the Office of Bishop: An Excursus to the Discussion


I have something to say about Jerome and the issue of the Episcopal Office and the Presbyteral Office. For centuries, Protestants have been appealing to the fact that Jerome states that the Office of Bishop is equal with the Office of Presbyter, and therefore not de essentia with the Church Christ founded. The details of this prove to be a considerable point. But my purpose here is ulterior. I think that whatever conclusion one comes to from studying Jerome’s statements on the Office of Bishop, more is said by the same that would exclude the same from any sort of proto-protestant ecclesiologist. I here explain. Continue reading

St. Peter and the Keys of the Kingdom – Part 2


Orthodox Christian Apologetics has responded to my critique of his first article on St. Peter and the Keys. This post is, therefore, part 2 of my critique of his position. In this new response, Craig accurately opens up with describing the Catholic position on the Apostle Peter, the Apostles, and their successors’ relation to the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven Continue reading