The Righteousness of God Through Faith in Jesus Christ: The Justification of Sinners According to St. Paul

This paper will be dedicated to share my understanding of justification by faith as taught in the writings of St. Paul. The course of this writing will follow the structure of the Epistle to the Romans, but I will interweave other parts of the Pauline corpus which corroborate the argument.  Continue reading

In the Cross, Both God’s Truth and Mercy Kiss: Philaret of Chernigov on Penal Substitution



Philaret of Chernigov

Dmitry Grigorievich Gumilevsky, Archbishop of Kharkov (1848-59) and Chernigov (1859-66), otherwise known simply as St. Philaret of Chernigov by the Eastern Orthodox churches, has a fascinating section in his book “On the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ” which speaks directly to the truth of penal substitution. I quote:  Continue reading

[Historical Review] The Limits of Papal Authority and the Fate of a Heretical pope: An exclusive interview with +Bishop Athanasius Schneider (2nd Look)


Pope Vigilius

In an exclusive interview with Lifesitenews , Bishop +Athanasius Schneider elaborated on his essay which is one of the most exhaustive pieces written to the question of a heretical Pope in our modern day. I will be honing in one particular comment made in this interview, which was teased out more fully in the essay, and then comment on it with the historical record in view. Continue reading