Dialogue on Papal Universal vs Roman Patriarchal Jurisdiction


This is an exchange I had recently with an Orthodox Christian. I wanted to save it for my own purposes but, as always, I thought I would also share it for the sake of public record. My interlocutor’s words are in bold/italic block-quote, and mine are in regular text. Continue reading

St. Theodore the Studite (759-826) : Eastern Orthodox Saint and Papal Infallibility


St Theodore the Studite

Are the frequent appeals to Rome from St. Theodore the Studite regarding the Iconoclastic controversy merely indicative of a pragmatic and opportunistic motive? Is it the case that Theodore really had no sense of attributing Papal supremacy, nor infallibility, and was just speaking with flowery language, excessive rhetoric, and literary devices in order to give an allegorical or symbolic sense of primacy? Continue reading

Inquiry into Eastern Orthodoxy: A Catholic Guideline

A friend of mine sent me a series of questions on the subject of the Papacy with Eastern Orthodoxy in mind. Since these questions are pretty standard, I thought I would make a blog post with the best standard answers I could give. Enjoy. Continue reading