St. Thomas Becket on the Roman Primacy

Quite a revealing statement on Roman primacy by St Thomas Becket

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1800detail1_0_0 Scene from the reliquary casket of St. Thomas Becket.

“Quis tamen Románam Ecclésiam caput ómnium Ecclesiárum et fontem cathólicæ doctrínæ ámbigit esse? Quis claves regni cælórum Petro tráditas esse ignórat? Nonne in fide et doctrína Petri totíus Ecclésiæ structúra consúrgit, donec occurrámus omnes Christo in virum perféctum, in unitáte fídei et agnitióne Fílii Dei? . . .
Sed quicúmque sit qui rigat aut plantat, Deus nulli dat increméntum, nisi illi qui plantávit in fide Petri et doctrínæ ipsíus acquiéscit.”

This brief but punchy and powerful 12th-century statement on the Roman primacy is excerpted from the second lesson of the Office of Readings for St. Thomas Becket’s commemoration today.

The Latin passage above from the second typical edition of the Liturgia Horarum is rendered somewhat weakly in my opinion in the official American translation of the Liturgy of the Hours, turning St. Thomas’ pointed rhetorical questions into what feel more like…

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